• Work with food contractors to purchase 10% or greater portions of food locally and bolster future contract local food procurement language.
  • Find alternatives to and appropriate disposal of undesirable toxic substances, including cleaning materials, building solvents, adhesives, pesticides, and air toxics.

As a large institutional purchaser of goods used to care for inmates, Multnomah County jails buy a significant amount of supplies that effect both jail operations and the community. By aligning with Multnomah County’s 2010 Sustainable Purchasing Policy, the Sustainable Jail Project seeks to reduce the environmental impact of excess packaging and toxins, and support the local economy. From food to disinfectants to pens, Multnomah County jails have the ability to save money and influence markets with their purchasing power.

For example, with the jails’ food purchases, the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office is committed to shortening the transportation miles of food and  buying local food to support Oregon family farmers. 


Current Actions:

Implementation of contract language requiring Aramark food service to procure as much food locally for the jails as possible. Currently, approximately $160,000 of food is locally sourced each year.

  • Requirement that the food service provider submit a quarterly report detailing local foods being purchased for the jails.