• Reconfigure and integrate green skills and competencies within the inmate population.
  • Concentrate on programs that will educate and promote sustainable behaviors.

The Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office defines social equity in the jails as targeting programs that will reduce recidivism rates. Inmate Programs does this by assessing and addressing criminogenic needs most attributed to criminal behavior. Offenders incarcerated in MCSO jail facilities receive services and programs that meet these needs, through groups, classes, skills training and access to resources. Other elements of social equity are met by stabilizing offender behavior, meeting constitutional/statutory requirements and enhancing safety/security for everyone.

By working together, our Corrections Counselors, Chaplains, Volunteers and Education staff effectively manage and positively impact our incarcerated population, while they move through the jail system. It’s this continuity of care and targeted programming that meet agency goals of sustainability and social equity, by decreasing overall jail confinement costs, while promoting successful transition to the community.

Sustainable Outcomes (Fiscal Year 2011- 2012)

Corrections Counselor Services

  • Offenders participating in group programming:                      8,640
  • Number of offenders placed into treatment beds:                 246
  • Number of jail bed days averted:                                               10,060
  • Jail bed cost prevented by treatment bed placement:           $1,690,080

Chaplain Services

  • 58 Volunteers contributed 6,951 hours of service
  • Dollar value savings resulting from volunteer services:  $144,928

Volunteer Services

  • 317 Volunteers contributed 7,430 hours of service
  • Dollar value savings resulting from volunteer services:  $154,915

Sustainable Jails Programming: Green Skills / Competencies

  • Seeds to Supper ClassOregon Food Bank gardening class that includes certificate of completion
  • Inmate Garden Project – 12 garden beds used by inmates to grow vegetables for the Oregon Food Bank
  • Culinary Skills – Inmates have the opportunity to earn food handlers certificate and develop culinary skills working in the kitchen
  • Landscape/Small Engines – Work crews develop landscape and maintenance skills while providing valuable community services  
 Programs and needs summary

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