The Sheriff’s Office is committed to providing quality, cost-effective detention services to the communities of Multnomah County. Many people may not have thought about it, but our jails are like mini-cities that run 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and provide custody and care for over 38,000 inmates annually. As a result, jails typically are large consumers of energy, water, and supplies, and large producers of waste. With the launch of the Sustainable Jail Project we are accelerating our efforts to minimize resource consumption and maximize waste prevention. The Sustainable Jail Project is an opportunity and a road map to significantly reduce the cost of operating our jails while protecting the environment and promoting social equity.

The Sustainable Jail Project paves the way toward truly sustainable jails. From energy retrofits to composting waste to purchasing local food, our successes to date are the result of hard work on the part of Sheriff’s Office employees who find innovative solutions and cost effective options to improve our jails and our public safety efforts. The Sustainable Jail Project celebrates these efforts and provides a comprehensive plan for future actions that is the first of its kind for county jail systems in the nation. I am proud of the service we provide to the community and I believe that the Sustainable Jail Project represents the critical next step for cost efficient and effective jail operations.

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